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The ZIEW is a central institute of the FAU and as such is placed directly under the aegis of the University Board. Its members are professors seconded from all the faculties.


The Center for Applied Ethics and Science Communication (hereafter ZIEW) has set itself the task of compiling and coordinating the various activities in the fields of applied ethics, philosophy of science and scientific communication that are undertaken by different faculties and departments at the FAU with a view to presenting them to a wider public. 
This means:

  • The ZIEW organises a range of courses which aim to develop and optimise competence and special skills in practical and theoretical reflection in scientific research processes as well as to facilitate and optimise communicative processes at interdisciplinary levels. 
    In addition it coordinates research interests and expertise efficiently, facilitating the steps from project conception to successful research grant applications by acting as a focal point in interdisciplinary coordination and liaison.

  • The core issues in all of these processes are

    • the ethical conditions and consequences of modern science, technology and medicine,

    • the methodological and historical principles and presuppositions on which they are based,

    • the conditions that must pertain in order to promote successful and efficient communication between the disciplines themselves as well as between these disciplines and the general public.

  • Finally the ZIEW constitutes a forum in which current issues arising in the fields of science, technology and medicine can be quickly and competently addressed and debated. Our main objective is to create a climate of stimulating interdisciplinary scientific debate at the University as well as to increase public perception of the University as a competent, trustworthy and confidence-inspiring partner in public debate in all matters pertaining to science and social issues.